Monday, July 2, 2012



I am up in the NORTH again. In that FOREIGN COUNTRY THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY DRUGS FROM or so the media reminds me. (Wouldn't want to cut into the profits for our illustrious "big pharma"--but that is a whole nother blog.)

 I could probably just copy my blog from last year and it is pretty much a repeat this year.  RAIN,RAIN,RAIN, and more RAIN.  But everything is beautifully green and water-logged!. There have been flood warnings,shoreline disappearing, and "river rising". . . .But since I live in a  probably the biggest "River City" in California, I am sort of use to this. Just NOT at this time of year.

So the sun did come out briefly and being that I was of on-sound mind by this point from the moisture,  I said to myself-"Self, let's climb the Pulpit!"  I think last year I felt I was a fool if I didn't climb it, but after climbing it, felt like I would be a fool to climb it again!!  Alas, my menopausal brain has not much short term or long term memory anymore, so I set out again to climb "THE PULPIT". Being the daughter of a preacher man, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

If you don't recall, THE PULPIT is a vertical climb of about 1 mile to the top, here in the Nelson BC vicinity. I can't seem to find out how it got the name, but basically, it is an out-cropping of rock that has a fantastic view of the city of Nelson.

As I started the ascent, I saw a couple of bear cubs in a meadow, so waited for another hiker with a dog, and began the climb.  And once again, after a rigorous hike. . . ."Le Vue" was "extraordinaire".  I probably sat around at the top for a couple hours. . . visiting with other hikers. . . meditating. . . just enjoying the moment!!  and the  

Life is only traveled once.
 Today's moment becomes tomorrow's memory.
 Enjoy every moment, good or bad. 


Cowgirl said...

Well, you've just departed our humble abode. You made it up the muddy driveway and off you go. My computer magically started working again AND.STILL.IT.IS.RAINING.

I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments this past are AMAZING! A gorgeous person, inside and outside and someone I am most fortunate to know and to love.

You brought the only sunshine we have seen here is what seems like forever....always & xoxo me=g

BOBOJOJO said...

As Canadians, we can't seem to sever our ties to the throne, and beloved England.
Her umbilical-cord spans an entire ocean westward, and then traverses a complete continent, just to land at our frontiers doorstep in the guise of names

Whenever a member, in good standing, in the Royal Family had a falling of grace, as it were. It was requested to take a lengthy vacation far from the prying eyes of the British Press.

Canada and Australia were high on the hit list of preferred destinations.
How much trouble could one find himself in, in the colonies really. Chip Chip and the like.

And so off on a drunken Choo- Choo ride across the the great unknown.

Ergo One Lord Nelson makes his debut in the wasteland of your Cuz's beloved home.

I don't know precisely what our Lord Nelson did to warrant the temporary admonishment, however maids in the castle had an alarming ability to become impregnated without the presence of male personage; Say the eighty year old gardener and... Ahem... of course the Lord of the Manner.
A cooling off period was required to retain etiquette of course. This was, after all, England, and a certain amount of civility was in order.

King Edward was a frequent guest of The Great White North; for many dubious reasons, and that is why you will find a King Edward Hotel in every city, town, village outhouse, and whorehouse in all of Canada.

I apologize for taking the back-roads of minutia to get to your question (why is Nelson called Nelson) but you did query.

kevel88 said...

So the long and short of it, Nelson is named after Lord Nelson. Now why couldn't I find that out on Google? My apologies to all of the Canadians!!