Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The kid came home tonight, to believe it or not-borrow the vacuum
. He then began to apologize profusely to both of us for leaving so many messes over the years, being a slob, and taking us for granted. Seems that he has a roommate that leaves piles of clothes, trash, etc in his wake. . . Sort of like "Pigpen". You might say what goes around, comes around. I am just rather shocked that it is my son who is being the neat freak!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Not sure who owns who!! Ben's new ride! His first time in the speedster. In the past, he has been limited to the truck. But the old dog deserves some new experiences in his old age. He just loved it! Playing the part of a distinguished gentleman. We'll have to get him some "doggles"!


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Now how often have I used that expression! But this time I am talking about kids! It just so happens that I recently became "child-free" so to speak. Empty nester! I realize that I have been warned that it could be just a temporary situation, to not get too excited. For the time being, I am ecstatic and loving every minute of my freedom. I can't believe how peaceful and quiet it is. No drama going on when I get home from work. No nagging to clean up teen messes and spew! No looking under all the cushions for the remote control. Less laundry! Less groceries! Less electricity consumption! (Sort of!? Kev has been by on the weekends to do his laundry and clean out my pantry)

My son's last days at home were rather eventful. He fell off his skateboard and spent a couple of days in ICU with a brain contusion. So we did send him off with a new helmet. (It is probably still sitting in the box!?!?)

I admit, there was a time when they were just too cute. Probably when they were 6 mo old and asleep. Just kidding. . . . . . I have to say with my boys, there was, rather is never a dull moment. Not so long ago, they were adorable little boys running around getting into mischief--but things are different now! They have grown up a lot and I like to be completely unaware of any trouble they might be getting into!