Friday, June 26, 2009


As I was sitting in the sunshine with my “host family”, I noticed that I had missed a lot of hair while shaving in the shower that morning. I told my host that the disposable razor she had put out for me was pretty cheap cause it didn't seem to get anything. Her response was, “Did you remove the protective cover?”. Does she think I am an idiot? So I went back in and checked and sure enough, I had not removed the blade protector. I did get a much cleaner shave once I removed it.

So remove the protective cover and go for it today!! You might have a smoother day. . .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Please turn off all electronic devices. . . "

To continue the thread-- I will have to ditto Cowgirls comment. It might be nice if there could be a day designated for "TURN OFF AND STOW ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES DAY". What a quiet day that would be. I wouldn't have to listen to thoughtless drivel spoken at 20 decibels higher than needed:
"Hi, I just landed! I am waiting for the fasten seat belt signed to be turned off" Wow, that's so important.
"Oh, hi, I am at the doctors office. Yeah, my blood pressure is up cause I am anticipating the pap smear." This information couldn't wait.
"So did you hear that Susie is not speaking to Jennifer cause. . .blah, blah, blah." I want to hear all the details!?!?
"I am in the locker room, getting ready to take my shower. . . " Who could possibly care?
Now we are forced to listen to all these one sided conversations and get way more information than we ever wanted to know.
I am driving in the fast lane behind a driver that is going slower than the speed limit talking on the cell phone.
I am talking away to my son and when he is unresponsive, I notice he's got his ear buds in listening to his music.
Now with blue tooth, I think people are talking to me or possibly schizophrenic, then I see the device in their ear.

There should be some etiquette to all this and if it is not followed the device is taken away for a week.
I was on a road trip and "out of range" so to speak. No electronic devices. And I didn't miss the news, calls, emails, whatever, for one minute. Instead, I read a little, talked and laughed a whole lot. Went on some hikes and sat and watched a few sunsets. . . Just spectacular and so rejuvenating.
Try it, you might like it. No electronics. . . just sit and watch the sunset.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I noticed this at the airport, but it is apparent at coffee shops and other public places. The hierarchy of the wall plug, the outlet. Just a little scary. Our codependency to an inanimate object!! Who could imagine that such a small thing could be so important in our lives to "recharge", "stay connected", or "plug in" our various "addictions" from computers to phones, to gaming and music devices. As I enter the waiting area at the airport, I am nervously scanning the room to see where I can "connect", in case my batteries get low. Are there pods of people grouped around an outlet? Will I have to use the cafe and order something cheap to qualify to use their plug? Or did the airport thoughtfully plan these into their design? If not, I may have to resort to reading a book or write a letter or what if I had to resort to use words to communicate with another traveler. . .

So far, Portland airport gets my vote for the most electronically savvy and provides scenic views as well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bungee shorts

Perhaps you are perplexed by the referral to bungey shorts in the comments, and in case you have been looking for this product in your local store, let me explain: When I prepared for my trip to BC, I was told to travel light, because everything I would possibly need could be provided. Wouldn't you know it, the weather was warm and I started looking for shorts. My traveling partners came in size XXSM and XXL and since I am sort of in between, we came up with the bungee shorts. "One size fits all". You can always count on every guy traveling with duct tape and a bungee cord.

So if you find yourself in a tight spot. . . look for a bungee cord. It could keep up your shorts or help you free fall, which ever suits you!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It all started with the flight to Canada and the reassuring words of the flight attendants. . .(insert title of my blog). What do they mean by non-traditional? If the seat cushion was such a wonderful floatation device, why aren't they selling them at Target as a new pool accessory. You just don't see them anywhere. So then I start imagining myself in the Pacific Ocean, hanging on to my seat, when I realize from watching so many animated ocean crashes, that I would end up being a "floater" along with a few bits of luggage. If only it was all that simple. Same with my life--how many times have I grabbed for my seat cushion and discovered that is just wasn't quite enough to sustain my weight. I really needed that parachute prior to the "crash" or maybe just a stiff drink.