Friday, February 14, 2014


If you have read my blog "OVERDUE"before, you will know that 
All the libraries have displays of best-selling, hot titles published within the past 6 to 12 months on the "LUCKY DAY" rack.  You can avoid long waiting lists if you are lucky to find these popular books on a first-come basis. You can be the first to check out a new and popular book. . . . .Like I was today. I walked into my local library and the first thing I saw on the "LUCKY DAY" rack was a best seller I have been anxious to read.  I was on a long wait list to reserve it from the library so was contemplating if I should just go ahead and purchase it. But today was my "lucky day" and I no longer have to wait. It is Valentine's day and guess what I am doing tonight. . . . Opening a fine wine, and . . . . READING A GOOD BOOK! (Ernie's hacking and coughing and under the weather anyway!)

In this day of dwindling newspapers and popularity of the e-readers, I am glad to see that my library is still going strong.  My son wanted to buy me a kindle and I told him-NEVER! I love going to the library and perusing the titles, checking out the "lucky Day" rack, movies, cd's,magazines and picking up books that I have ordered from the interlibrary loan request or Link+.  Link+ is a catalog of participating libraries in California and Nevada.  I can electronically request an item and I get an email when it is ready for pick-up at my library. Just awesome!

There was a rare out of print book that I had wanted to read so I went on the library catalog and hit the LINK+, ordered the book to be delivered to my local library.  Lo and behold, when it came, it had come from my college alma mater.  Small world made closer by the touch of a button.
I have loved books as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I would walk to the library and hang out there for hours, looking at books and later on reading and checking out as many books as I could carry.

 Today, I discovered the library created a new link. "ZINIO--the world's largest newstand" .  Now one can download magazines and newspapers. The Zinio newsstand carries more than 5,500 magazines. That should keep me busy! Who needs a subscription?  

So. . .Take a look, it's in a book!! Guess I better get to my book.  Got a fire going and a nice glass of vino. . . See you later!