Saturday, July 12, 2014


As many of you might know, I have been on a extensive exercise program for several months.  Now that I am on vacation, I am not just sitting back and letting that muscle turn to jello.  My "host family" is nestled in the trees here in Crescent Valley, Eastern British Columbia. 

Everyday, I have been exploring the trail that leads to the Slocan River.  This has been a good workout, even according to my Polar monitor. Although I prefer fast and flat, these hills are just beautiful and there are so many different trails to follow.
Yesterday, I met Michael, the owner of the property I have been exploring. He purchased the land (@300 acres) 20+years ago. It had been heavily forested or rather "raped" were his words. It had been bulldozed and the best trees taken and the others left in shambles.  Michael brought his parcel back to life, with meadows, trails, and even planting more groves of  trees.  

What is here now is a jewel.  I loved this unexpected covered bridge with hanging flower pots. The bridge over troubled waters! 

The beach by the river was perfect for cooling off today.

There is even the occasional surprise. . . like a sculpture or two. The lion's den and the temple, I have yet to find!! But I have been told the vicinity!

 He says that he likes to think of himself,
 not so much the "owner", but the "steward of the land".
 Thank you Michael, for seeing the possibilities and making it happen.