Thursday, June 26, 2014


Only "A" senior moment, I hear you say?  I actually have many but only this one that I want to write about. 

So last winter, my Canadian Cuz hand carried a Heirloom Homestead Squash picked from the fertile Creston Valley, BC.  We cooked it up and it was just delicious and moist. So we saved the seeds and when it was warm enough here, I planted an entire grow box with the Homestead.  At the same time, I planted another box with another one of my favs, butternut squash.  Alas, I did not mark either box.  One box spouted immediately and in just a few days had lots of foliage.  The other box had not one sprout.  So for some reason, I assumed the the box that sprouted was probably the butternut. I proceeded to replant the derelict box with some more Homestead seeds.  Now that both boxes are producing, I have discovered the error of my ways!  Yes, I have 2 grow boxes of Homestead squash.

Fortunately, this is such a flavorful squash, I should be able to interchange it in my recipes for the butternut.  I cooked up an immature one and it was wonderful eaten as a "summer" squash.  Who says you have to wait till "winter"?!

Now speaking of seeds, I was told that I just had to plant a Moon and Stars Watermelon. It is ultra-sweet and delectable with a rind as attractive as the flesh is delicious! The foliage is also spotted.

So I sent off for some seeds from  StoneySoil Seed Co.
When the small package arrived, there was this lovely personal note wrapped around the seeds. 

 Thank you Ira!  That is just so sweet!  Such unique customer service.  I will order from you again. I will report when I have tasted the final product. 

I will also share my prize winning recipe for butternut squash soup. Well, to be honest, I haven't won any prizes with it, but I am sure I would if there was a contest!


The glory of gardening:
Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature.  
To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.