Saturday, June 23, 2012



My cuz Thom, in preparing for a major surgery in Canada-land, was perusing a lovely brochure from the University of British Columbia Okanagan for accommodations in Kalowna, BC. We all checked out the brochure and thought that the rooms looked just lovely and the "price was right". Alas, what we got, was NOT what we saw in the brochure.  I should have heeded my previous advice: BUYER, BEWARE!! As soon as I walked in to the "lovely fully equipped kitchens, private bathroom, with high-speed Internet access in the comfortable Monashee Suites" . . . . I was dismayed!! The location of the campus was on the far side of the world. . . 20 miles from the hospital destination in the middle of no where. And there was nothing sweet about the  Monashee Suite!!
"fully equipped kitchen"

The fully equipped kitchen was sparse.  There was a private bathroom . . . which needed some repair. Never got the internet to connect.  The view was of a truck parked almost under the window. No fresh air unless we turned on the noisy air-conditioner. 

Gina was a little "dismayed" as well!
And the bed. . . . you probably guessed.  Sagged all the way to the hardboard. I ended up on the floor.

We all tossed and turned and napped for a couple hours. Didn't need an alarm (which didn't work anyway) to get us up and out of there in the morning and we NEVER looked back!

I found a lovely place, Siesta Suites, walking distance from the hospital and for a few dollars more, I have a comfortable bed, equipped kitchenette, indoor or outdoor pool/jacuzzi, exercise room, Starbucks across the street, and a short stroll to the Okanagan Lake beach. Whew! SWEET!



Cowgirl said...

I am involved in this crisis and I am now laughing as well at our stint at the "U"...I would have likened it more as a 'jail cell overnight' was the most uncomfortable night, especially for the patient who was in so much pain he didn't really notice the additional pain. We blew that joint and upon check out I informed the young lady at the desk of all our complaints. I got a very sincere..."oh, sorry"...and then my receipt. The 'mister' says he'll be making some phone calls when his index finger regains feeling..hah! Gotta love K-grrl for being such a sport and sticking this out with us. Oh and btw, did I mention that it is still RAINING !!!!

BOBOJOJO said...

Well as I agree that the advertising hacks can be somewhat on the deceptive side, much of the the blame is entirely our own.

We expect everyone will behave with the same degree of transparency that we would, and then as a result of being wrong we get to feel superior.
It is a grand scheme with time proven positive results. Any publicity is good publicity.

Dennis Hopper did a fantastic small low budget film on the art(yes "ART" ) of advertising.

Far be it from me to suggest that is indeed what happened here.
I should not like to be misunderstood, or other wise thought to be over thinking this,and as such becoming a tad Freudian, so I'll prologue by suggesting that you may have been ripped off, or in keeping with the Canada Day vernacular..."YOU GOT HOSED EH"

Even your choice of model to display the after pictures could not brighten up up this dismal deception.
I would point out however that perhaps her demeanor in the bedroom shot could have been slightly more enthusiastic.

Let's be fair here.

I'm sorry but I just cannot see any chance of a career in game show modelling with this one.

Perhaps a vocation in one of the airlines might be a more suitable choice, as it would appear she does have the hand gesturing to the air sickness bags fairly well in hand.

As for me much will be reveiled in a later publication.

I am continuing my career as an "UNPAID" contributing columnist to a Mexican magazine that caters to Ex-Pats around the Lake Chapala area.

In short I am whoring myself out to the lowest common denominator.

Upon that reflection I feel a long shower is needed.

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