Thursday, December 9, 2010


Or as one of my fellow bloggers has so nicely put it. . . Don't hate me cause I don't blog(often enough)!! It seems that my fans, or rather my one fan who has no kids,(just one dog to walk), no job, (early retired), no spouse in resident this month, is harassing me about my inadequacy as a person by not blogging incessantly. Not only does she leave comments on my blog but also has been known to badger another blogger for lack of blogging: To quote: "a lot of people start a blog and then let it fizzle....sure there are lots of good reasons for that... but it kind of saddens me a bit when someone just stops posting. I often wonder what is going on." (So she is so saddened that she is probably out cross country snow-skiing right now.)

Here are just a few of her comments:
do you blog often? 11/23/10 AM
How often do you blog? 11/27/10 PM
You blog, how often? 11/28
/10 PM
You often blog, do you? 11/28/10 PM
Well, that's a relief to know...thought this was another 'fizzle' blog.
so, often you blog do you? teeheehee 11/30/10 AM
Often, you do blog how
? 12/6/10

What is going on is that I along with
most other people,
have about 9
other lives going right now. . .

Maybe this blog will satisfy her need for me to blog.

I still love you though, girl!! teeheehee!
You give me inspiration to blog or not to blog!?!?

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Cowgirl said...

I am not sure I should even comment on this post...what can I say?

Yes, I am a bit of a pest, but I actually do not participate on Facebook, so I have many more hours available than others who shall not be named here. I enjoy blogs because they reflect a more personal and thought-full insight and require the author to actually work at what they want to say. I think it is a good way to get to know yourself better when you bravely put forth a risky opinion or emotion 'to the whole world' aka 'the internet'. A blog can also be an incredible source of support during a tough time in one's life, as I have experienced and am very thankful for.

So, I believe what I am doing is a real service to those I love. Some of you need to take the time (its there) and do this thing for yourself. It is a way to get a fresh perspective, that is not incestuous, and will let you know that indeed, you are not crazy and maybe, just maybe you are spot on.

With love and even more 'encouragement', xo me