Friday, December 24, 2010


I am down in Sunny Southern California where Santa's sleigh won't slide, so how is he going to get to us this yuletide. . . . . . .

I noticed
at the beach that some kids have it figured out!

Yes, I decided I needed to escape from the reality of the day to day drama. . . so I slipped away to SoCal, no husband, no kids, no pets. Now I am being wined and dined, singing Christmas carols to the neighbors, lighting luminarias on a quiet street, jacuzzi-ing in the light of the full moon, entertained by my favorite niece, walking along the beach (65 F). . . I could go on and on. But this is just the therapy I need. Above all I am enjoying watching the joy of a child waiting for Santa!

So whether you
celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Chawmos, Goru, Lohri, Karachun, Kwanzaa, Modranicht, Sanghamitta, Soyal, or Juletid, may you find the love, joy and peace that can bring you happiness and renewal for another year. 2011

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Cowgirl said...

I am so happy that you are in the arms of loved ones and are having a 'decadent' as well as very, merry Christmas. I hope you are not being forced to drink any vile wine !

Until we meet again...lots of love to you. xxo