Sunday, November 28, 2010


OK, so I paraphrased Shakespeare a little on this one! Puma pretty much thinks winter is synonymous with misery. All summer, he ignores us and appears from time to time just to pick up a few nibbles from his cat bowl. Now that the temperature has plummeted to the freeze point, he is yelling at the back door to come in. Suddenly, he thinks I am his best friend. He can't wait to cuddle up to me at night. CATS!!

"Every dog has his day - but the nig
hts are reserved for the cat."

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Cowgirl said... cute. Cats are so funny and such opportunists. Glad that Puma is outside so much in summer -- it means he is getting a 'species-appropriate' diet (ie. lots of moisture as in mice & birds & bugs).

Stay warm down there in California? How hot is E. keeping the house?

love, me.