Wednesday, October 7, 2009

San Fran

The city by the bay. . . managed to leave with my heart in tact. Just had a fun weekend in SF. Tickets to Giants game, sitting next to the dugout. I must say that the new ball park location has certainly improved the clientele, ambiance, everything! No fights in the stands that was typical with Candlestick. I will make an effort to be a fan now.

The highlight of the weekend was hitting the Tut exhibit at the de Young museum. The above "coffinette" was for the majesty's "viscera", which in a layman's term pretty much means the intestines. It is hard to imagine this organ would be sacred and could be preserved for 3200 years.
Gives a whole new dimension to "ass hole".

Such diversity. . . took 4 different taxi's and the drivers were from 4 different country's. The driver with the worst English, had lived here for 25 years! Guess it works for him. Only in America.

I was blown away by the fancy public toilet. I thought it was a visitor information booth at first.

After a weekend of noise pollution and crowds, my little brush Okie palace in the country was very welcome. But I am already planning my next excursion to the bay!


Cowgirl said...

What lovely photos, dah-ling. My only question is were you able to get through the weekend WITHOUT seeing any 'flying balls'? I'm guessing there was an incident and perhaps....EEEEE-YAKKK-LETTE????

I know, I know, but I can't contain myself when it comes to you guys.

xoxo gina

PS. I will link you, and BoBo, since you are both bugging me. I just need some un-interrupted time on the comp -- you know how hard that is with a retired guy living here.

bobojojo's said...

I left my heart in S.F. once.
Back in my drinking career, I could fall in love just hearing ice tinkle in bar glass.
Glen Livett..... Making the opposite sex attractive for over two hundred years.
Now pound for pound, I still have to defer to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for romance.
Paris be damned