Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Please turn off all electronic devices. . . "

To continue the thread-- I will have to ditto Cowgirls comment. It might be nice if there could be a day designated for "TURN OFF AND STOW ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES DAY". What a quiet day that would be. I wouldn't have to listen to thoughtless drivel spoken at 20 decibels higher than needed:
"Hi, I just landed! I am waiting for the fasten seat belt signed to be turned off" Wow, that's so important.
"Oh, hi, I am at the doctors office. Yeah, my blood pressure is up cause I am anticipating the pap smear." This information couldn't wait.
"So did you hear that Susie is not speaking to Jennifer cause. . .blah, blah, blah." I want to hear all the details!?!?
"I am in the locker room, getting ready to take my shower. . . " Who could possibly care?
Now we are forced to listen to all these one sided conversations and get way more information than we ever wanted to know.
I am driving in the fast lane behind a driver that is going slower than the speed limit talking on the cell phone.
I am talking away to my son and when he is unresponsive, I notice he's got his ear buds in listening to his music.
Now with blue tooth, I think people are talking to me or possibly schizophrenic, then I see the device in their ear.

There should be some etiquette to all this and if it is not followed the device is taken away for a week.
I was on a road trip and "out of range" so to speak. No electronic devices. And I didn't miss the news, calls, emails, whatever, for one minute. Instead, I read a little, talked and laughed a whole lot. Went on some hikes and sat and watched a few sunsets. . . Just spectacular and so rejuvenating.
Try it, you might like it. No electronics. . . just sit and watch the sunset.


Cowgirl said...

You are so right on. We have been without a cell phone (and cell phone bill!) for a few months now and so far we are surviving. I have nothing to carry with me when I walk, nothing to check every few minutes and that "emergency" that everyone fears has not yet occurred. I suppose we would deal with the "emergency" the way we did before all the gadgets...just deal with it. Now I am going out into the garden to check on my potato plants and get off this gadget! xoxo

Cowgirl said...

Lovely photo btw...isn't that New Denver, BC?