Friday, June 19, 2009


I noticed this at the airport, but it is apparent at coffee shops and other public places. The hierarchy of the wall plug, the outlet. Just a little scary. Our codependency to an inanimate object!! Who could imagine that such a small thing could be so important in our lives to "recharge", "stay connected", or "plug in" our various "addictions" from computers to phones, to gaming and music devices. As I enter the waiting area at the airport, I am nervously scanning the room to see where I can "connect", in case my batteries get low. Are there pods of people grouped around an outlet? Will I have to use the cafe and order something cheap to qualify to use their plug? Or did the airport thoughtfully plan these into their design? If not, I may have to resort to reading a book or write a letter or what if I had to resort to use words to communicate with another traveler. . .

So far, Portland airport gets my vote for the most electronically savvy and provides scenic views as well.

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Cowgirl said...

Being 'plugged in' seems like a 'pandemic' doesn't it? You must have noticed when the announcement is made on the plane that "all electronic equipment must be turned off", how there are a few moments of semi-panic for the truly addicted. The lost looks, the shifting in place, the checking of watches, the actual reading of airline magazines and even sometimes, as you say, the actual speaking to another passenger!

But then the funniest moment happens when the electronic equipment is allowed on again upon landing. Then it seems all you hear is everyone's phone dinging on and numerous "Hi, its me. We just landed"....duh...such important did we function before, without being able to notify someone immediately of our arrival? What a difference that advanced notice has made in our lives.

Okay, I'm done ranting & raving.

xoxo g