Sunday, June 14, 2009

It all started with the flight to Canada and the reassuring words of the flight attendants. . .(insert title of my blog). What do they mean by non-traditional? If the seat cushion was such a wonderful floatation device, why aren't they selling them at Target as a new pool accessory. You just don't see them anywhere. So then I start imagining myself in the Pacific Ocean, hanging on to my seat, when I realize from watching so many animated ocean crashes, that I would end up being a "floater" along with a few bits of luggage. If only it was all that simple. Same with my life--how many times have I grabbed for my seat cushion and discovered that is just wasn't quite enough to sustain my weight. I really needed that parachute prior to the "crash" or maybe just a stiff drink.


Cowgirl said...

Travel involves so many risks--like... bungey shorts, too much wine, too much whin-ing, strange toilet rituals, soaking in hot tubs with Ma&Pa Kettle and discussions of bodily spew that flying should be the least of your you. g

Joey & Rick said...

I couldn't agree more with Cowgirl.. Stiff drinks usually fix the problemo...that or Xanax.

I know that view (the px in u'r blog) Heavenly... felt a bit complete when I'd seen others since I'd left the "real world".... Sad stats .... one out of one of us .... dies... My question... where do we go now....? I know the you?