Tuesday, September 27, 2016


I am sure when I mention “ELLEN” you immediately think of “Ellen Degeneres” -the comedian and talk show host, who I admire and find highly entertaining! But at the top of MY admiration list, you will find ELLEN “W”. Who I must say is highly entertaining, and like Ellen D is really a life changer for so many people, helping them to reach for their potential.

She works full time and then teaches zumba and boot camp for the employee wellness program, after work, 4 days a week. Her zumba classes are a unique and choreographed routines that she has worked on to express her enthusiasm for dance and music. She is energetic and motivating and keeps her classes entertaining and positive. It is an excellent way to get rid of the stress and pressure of our jobs while getting and staying FIT!!

So for years I went to the gym regularly, but didn't really have a definite program to follow. In my employee email, there was always emails almost daily from the “EMPLOYEE LIVE WELL,BE WELL UNIVERSITY”. This is a program for employees designed to help employees adopt healthy behaviors to improve life and reduce health risks. (The bottom line is that it benefits the organization by lowering health costs!) There were Pilates, boot camp, yoga, Zumba classes and more, that were free to us. I decided to try out one of classes after work at my facility. It was a good workout geared to whatever our level of flexibility was and the teacher, Jen was so cheerful and motivating. The group was friendly and encouraged me to come back, that I could do it!! Then they wanted me to join their run club! That was just the beginning! I ran a total of 10 races that year, even placing in a couple small races in my age group. (Yes, as I get older, the crowd thins!!)

In 2014, a 6 week fitness challenge-- “A SIZZLING SUMMER CHALLENGE” was coming up at another facility led by Ellen. I persuaded one of my fitness buddies, that I would try it if she would do it with me. The “challenge” involved a theme and not only an exercise program every day, but a balanced nutritional plan to follow,if desired. We were divided into teams. We got a calendar with the themes for the day or week and accumulate points by attendance and coming in “theme” of the day and doing bonus workouts.  Ellen kept us motivated and the challenge fun and intense! Her class reminders include inspirational quotes.  My friend and I worked our buns off and were rewarded by finishing 1st (her) and 2nd (me) minus a little “bum” to boot! What a rush! We were winners!! And so completed the first challenge of many to follow.

Ellen uses her creativity to come up with challenges especially at strategic times of the year when we usually slack off the exercise and make excuses for eating more and exercising less. Most of all, it is amazing to see the change in people as they exercise regularly and gain confidence and better health. Over the past years, there are many success stories of lifestyle behavior changes and improved health, they will list Ellen as the turning point for sparking their transformation. 

 I am so grateful for Ellen and her leadership and influence in my life. 

She knows how to "make it happen!"


A leader is one who knows the way, 
goes the way, 
and shows the way.


Cowgirl said...

Good tribute and I am sure Ellen will appreciate hearing!

So true that excuses are just that...excuses...the only things that count are what someone actually 'does'. Do something more than just talk about doing something -- that is what counts in life.
Actions, not wishes, or hopes, or even, prayers but, actions.


Newyorican said...

Words cannot express my feelings of how Ellen has helped me...since I've been unable to be a part of her classes I've missed her soooooo much and look forward to being a part of her classes again

Ellen you are an inspiration to all Theresa