Friday, March 16, 2012


These words were spoken by my spouse who gets "grouchy" when the weather does not suit him. . . .which living in the Central Valley with it's temperamental weather often puts him in a bad mood. He was So-Cal raised, Mr. Surfer boy, and evidently, back in the dark ages, the weather there was probably 70 year round.
I, on the other hand spent years in Michigan where snow was pretty much 6 months out of the year and summers were a sauna. Since I am an antique, this was before snow blowers and other snow removal conveniences and light-weight polartec. Schools NEVER had snow days, otherwise, we would never finish the school year. (Yeah, I had to walk a mile uphill both ways in about 10 layers of clothes.) What I am trying to say, I think the Calif Central Valley is just fine, even if instead of snow, we get a little fog or rain. It is by no means miserable for me.

This winter was very mild and dry, but there is always MARCH MADNESS! Which is very unpredictable.

This March has not disappointed.
As you know from my morning drive, I like to focus on the beauty of the local country and be mindful of those moments of "grace". The almond orchard on my road became a sea of blossoms and was alive with the buzzing of bees. Everywhere there is an intimation of renewal, of restoration and new life. The wind came along and then there was a blizzard of blossoms, leaving the ground looking like fresh fallen snow--pink snow!


"Springtime is the land awakening.
The March winds are the morning yawn."


Cowgirl said...

Hello my little cupcake! Soooo, I cannot believe you have 'spring' there already. What is up with that?! I remember 'spring' but I fear we are not quite there yet. Had a bit of an ice event last night which sounds terrible but really is quite beautiful to wake up to. Sun shining and everything sparkling. Okay enough of that. Lovely post and and as always very nice photos. Glad you are taking time to see the all the beauty that surrounds thee. Life is indeed good. xoxo

Cartoon Characters said...

I remember driving back and forth and wondered at how the blossomed trees would work their way north! Beautiful!

The cold is so subjective! Living in the East Bay, I would still have a down quilt on my bed mid-summer....and wear a down jacket in the winter. Had that been the same weather back in Canada...I would probably wear only a sweater and maybe even a short sleeved Tee!
One really gets acclimatized!