Thursday, March 29, 2012


We were noticing that the cat food was disappearing rapidly out in the shed. When Ben went out at night, he was going CRAZY about "something out there". Then heard the cats hissing and yowling. Next, the 5 gallon container of cat food was methodically opened and dumped on the floor. The container, that takes me a crow-bar to open. . . So it seems that we have a night intruder coming in the lets-put-in-a-cat-door-so-Nephrikitty-has-easy-access-to-her-food-DOOR and using his little coony fingers to creat chaos. Didn't take much to attract him right into the trap.

But did he have an attitude!!

He definitely won't be harrassing the cats again.

I just can't picture Princess chumming up to him or his pals, either!!


Cowgirl said...

I will assume that "E" will be taking that cute raccoon for a ride?
Please tell me that no harm was done...or I might just have to come over there! Remember we are all just trying to survive.

Joey Boshart said...

Aawwwwhhhhh....He's so cute when he's not hissing. Really, he is even cute when he's copin' a tude. We had a similar situation when Rick lived in San Juan Capistrano, but we caught and released, 1 possum, and 5 skunks all within about a week. Obviously the whole family had to go. Hauled them all down to Camp Pendelton.