Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am writing this blog to squelch any rumors that I have disappeared off the face of the earth! I am also writing this blog under great duress. I am currently being held hostage in an undisclosed location in Nelson, BC. All the leaves are green,but the sky is grey (mamas & papas, blah, blah,blah) and it feels like a winter day!! My captivators, whom, of course I regard with much kindness and empathy, and also feel like I am falling deeply and passionately in love, have threatened to remove all my privileges, including shower, shave, and eating, etc, but HAVE promised to take me for a ride in the trunk of their car (the true Sicilian way) if I will only make some sort of effort to blog.
(that last sentence has exhausted me but I am so excited abou
t the ride!!)
So here I am in the far north. . . Spectacular scenery along the way. And because I traveled alone, I could actually stop and take a few pics.

My captor is waiting. . . she has the collar and leash . . .
. . .OK, that is for Pony Girl.
I was worried there for a moment.


Cowgirl said...

Great & funny post !!!! And BTW, I am planning on using the electronic collar on you as that will be far more effective when I am 'correcting' your errant behaviours.

Let this be fair warning...I expect more regular posts or I WILL USE THE COLLAR TO CORRECT.

So nice having you here...LOL (lots of love) xo me

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Vgina said.... You REALLY should write more. :)

Guess who?

The Pot who called the Kevel Kettle black