Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am loving it!! As a nurse, we use to just have nurses day in our honor. Now we get a whole week!! That's because we are such a integral part of life. What would we do without nurses!! We have come a long way since the days of Flo!! There were the days of flight nurses!! Can you just imagine that you could take a flight and and get your insulin monitored or make sure you took your lipitor or VIAGRA!!??

I was so thrilled when I graduated from nursing and got $5 per hour(no benefits). Even though I was basically a hand maid to the MD. Carried HIS (male dominated society) charts on rounds, held the suture string, brought coffee, always cleaned up the mess, etc. Don't miss those days. Now I work at all woman clinic and only make coffee for myself. And I did get a raise and have benefits!

But it has been a long and windy road!! It never seemed fair to me that the male dominated trades made way more money and had wonderful retirement. They would have never put up with all the crap (literally) that nurses took. Over the years, nurses finally have a voice. Fortunately, for the nurses that are turning out now, they will have better benefits, retirement, job satisfaction, improved safety and quality of patient care. Whoops, I am up on my soap box.

I was thrilled to hear this "thrive" ad on the radio for Kaiser celebrating nurses.

"Nurses are nurses because their capacity to care is colossal.
May our 45,000 nurses all live long and thrive."

So on your birthday today, Florence, I want to celebrate the legacy you left and the vision you had for modern nursing over 166+ years ago.

Live your life while you have it. Life is a splendid gift.
There is n
othing small about it.

As a Kaiser RN it is only fitting that I will part with:


Cowgirl said...

Yes...all hail the sacred nurse...we love her/him/it...we all know who gives us our sponge baths, changes our sheets, dresses our wounds, plumps our pillows, administers our pain meds, gets rid of our pesky visitors, and god bless the ones that do it with tenderness....truly those are the ones that 'heal' us in our time of need. Thank you 'Nurse Kathy' for being one of those who you in more ways than you know. xo me

Joey Boshart said...

Amen to nurses... I sometimes think..(KNOW) they know more about what is going on with the patient then the doc. My mom is one too... she was MY personal nurse... uncomfortably, my SCHOOL nurse....who gave me vacs, diagnosed my scoliosis, and later my post surgical nurse...really tho, she was just my mom. She helped others feel comfortable, with her gentle hands, and warm heart, and still those closest to her take her for granted... everyday. God Bless you soldiers of vomit and diarrhea (it's why I didn't become a RN, CNP, PA, DO, MD, PHD..they all include some degree of vomit, diarrhea and blood). Thank you to all the "Nurse ________" Mom was Nurse Noss...and thank you Nurse Kevel. God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Nurse Kathy,

Please post some pics of your current 'patient' and let us know your course of treatment.

xo Your biggest fan.