Friday, April 1, 2011


Maybe you would have thought I would say TJMAX or Marshalls, which indeed would be on my list, but it is---
Rancho San Miguel.
After having so much fun in Lo de Marcos, I was missing some of the charm and flavors of Mexico. A tip from one of my patients led me to this store and unbelievably it was in my own back yard. I walked in and it just took my breath away. I felt like I was back in Mexico. From the "panaderia" to the salsa taco bar to the queso Oaxaca & panela fresco in the deli. After purchasing a "few of my favorite things", it won't surprise you that I came home and fixed myself a "Lohito" (my version of a mohito).

"favorite things"


Anonymous said...

yes....but have you tried a lohito with that papaya in the blender.....better than sex....Santo Tomas

Cowgirl said...

K-grrl, jealous that you have that right there! Next time we pull into your driveway the first thing we do is GO SHOPPING.

Fix me a drink, baby...its cocktail time somewhere...

xo me