Friday, September 10, 2010


On a November day in 1998, my brother called and told me Maya was born, but was not expected to live through the night. She was born with a condition where her lungs could not expand and had to be resuscitated for 15 minutes. We were all devastated and I rushed to LA Children's hospital with my sister to help in this crisis. I am a Labor & Delivery nurse and just could not believe that there was such a poor outcome and that this could be happening to my family. When we saw Maya, it was just heartbreaking. Her swollen body was hooked up with so many tubes and her prognosis was dim. They were getting ready to put her on a heart and lung machine. However, they tried a an experimental treatment and she began to improve. We all took turns sitting by her, talking,singing, praying, caressing her frail little body. She spent over a month in the hospital and it was such a joyous day when she finally got to go home.

I have watched with pleasure, Maya grow into a beautiful young woman. She's smart, witty, dazzling, loving, unpretentious and tons of fun. As you can tell, I adore her. If you have read the "cowgirl tales blog", you will know that I am just one of her many fans. She is just an amazing kid.

I can't imagine life without my precious niece.MY MAGNIFICENT MIRACLE MAYA


Cowgirl said...

Oh, so well-said. A lovely tribute to a lovely girl. She is indeed a miracle and we are all so blessed to have her in our lives.

Your recounting of events got me all teary and reminded me that you just never know about life, do you?

Love you bunches too.

xo me

Chad said...

Sweeeet. My Maya Papaya is getting a lot of love shown her way these days and it isn't even her birthday. You picked a bunch of great moments that I never want to forget. Everytime we kiss one stage goodbye we get another one that is just as compelling.

Thanks for sharing these moments with us all.

Love you, sister.