Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The kid came home tonight, to believe it or not-borrow the vacuum
. He then began to apologize profusely to both of us for leaving so many messes over the years, being a slob, and taking us for granted. Seems that he has a roommate that leaves piles of clothes, trash, etc in his wake. . . Sort of like "Pigpen". You might say what goes around, comes around. I am just rather shocked that it is my son who is being the neat freak!

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Cowgirl said...

HeeHeeHee, I have no sympathy at all for K. as I have been witness to his messes...who could forget the infamous 'Spagghetti-O's Incident"? I am still reeling from that vision.

Well, at least you have an idea for a good X-mas present this year -- get him a nice vacuum from a garage sale (remember re-use, re-cycle etc) and tell him it is a real chick magnet. Girls do love clean boyz and there is nothing more of a turn on than a semi-naked guy vacuuming the house.

TeeHee, me