Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ponygirl arrived, full of enthusiasm with her "owners" tagging along behind her. I think she pretty much owns them!! Nothing like a puppy to add to our mix of animals here on the farm. It did not take long before she had the confidence of a seasoned old hand!! She found a new love--trenching!! She probably trenched an acre or two, which turned her into a barely recognizable 'coffee mocha' pup. She would have come in handy when we were putting in a sprinkler system. Since we were accustomed to her predecessor Cowgirl,(as of http://cowgirltales.blogspot.com fame) I nick named her "the girl" cause I kept calling her cowpony, cowgirl or ponycow, so she is "the girl" to me. And such a beauty! She made a nice hearth ornament, cause she just loved the heat.

Her presence was enhanced by her and our personal chef--"Ms.G" and her master--"Mr.T". A wild and crazy time was had by all. Happy Day Spa, Viet Ha, Curb episodes, and "sheet shopping"! Wonderful Sicilian cooking washed down with a unique "vile" vintage and spiced up with loads of laughter.
Good friends are cheaper than therapy, in fact they are the best therapy. Perfect cure for the winter blues. Batteries recharged! As I have said before in an earlier blog:"Dal centro della mia vita venne una grande fontana"

As they disappeared into the fog, at the end of their visit, I felt so blessed to know such special people and one very extraordinary Mexican puppy from La Paz.
Miss you guys!!
Come back soon, Ponygirl!

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Cowgirl said...

Oh, so sweet you are. You guys are the best. We had such a great time and being there on the farm was so good for PG. She really misses you guys. We will see you again to share more laughs, great food & 'vile' wine...ha...xogina