Saturday, July 18, 2009


Balance in life is very important. We are always hearing how we need to have a balanced checkbook, a balanced diet, a balanced budget, a balanced body, a balanced mind. Essentially be well-balanced. . . "BALANCE". . . Definitely don't want to be "imbalanced", which seems to scare everyone. So maintaining your "balance" is really important and not always so easy.

My husband lost his balance, which resulted in a visit to the ER and days in the ICU.
. .The ICU with all it's bells, whistles, bright lights and alarms is not exactly where you would choose to get your balance restored. It is a slow process.

I would have chosen a day at the spa or weekend on the beach or just keeping my balance!!!!!!

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Cowgirl said...

Very well put and the photos are so apropos. Although, a little 'tweak' now&then keeps life exciting. Keep blogging sista! xoxo