Saturday, February 18, 2012


I use to think that one of the disadvantages of living in the country was the longer commute into town for work, groceries, gas, just about everything. (Ok, so it is all of 20 minutes.) However, lately I have been focusing on mindfulness and appreciating the moment. So now the morning drive gives me moments of grace to drink in the beauty of the drive. The sun coming up, the hawk standing guard on his fence post, the oaks in the fog, etc. Taking my camera along, I tried to capture some of it."WITH EACH SUNRISE, WE START ANEW"


Cowgirl said...

I am just discovering that there are many advantages to living in the country--beautiful views indeed!

Today, I skied along a beautiful river and only saw three other people and one was a perfect moment. I had to stop several times just to 'gape'...hah!

It's good to take the time to savour the beauty. Love you.

Cowgirl said...

Hey, just thinking about you....