Tuesday, October 18, 2011


One of our neighbors has a collection of goats. Most of the fence has been reinforced, but wouldn't you know it there was just a small portion that was not. Now you might notice in these pictures that the "goat yard" is a little sterile--bleak--bland. So it probably isn't too surprising that day after day of looking at our oasis, fruit trees, lawn, and green shrubbery that the goats managed to find a weakness in the fence. In just moments, they were feasting on the Frodahl Farm.

Shortly after, Ernie returned to find that goats grazing happily
in our back yard. Now we have a hedge of Oleanders along the fence-line. Oleanders are a huge green shrub that is toxic in all it's parts, especially to animals. It is one of the most poisonous of commonly grown garden plants. Ernie could just envision that they were very close to munching on these leaves, if they hadn't already. We don't have a border collie or a cattle dog,just Ben, who could care less if there are stray animals in the yard. (even ignored a couple of horses that wandered in!) So, he knew he had to quickly round up the goats. This sounds like nothing to it, but the goats were like kids with no interest in moving anywhere. He coaxed and pleaded and finally just had to pick them up and carry them to the garage one by one. He had left a note at the neighbors, so finally the guy's mother shows up flustered in a small compact car cause "the guy" was out of town. . . .

Next thing she knew, whether she liked it or not, Ernie had loaded the 5 goats in to the back
seat of the car. She was very anxious, but Ernie reassured her to just HURRY HOME! I wish he had taken a picture of 5 goats in the back seat of a car!! So we will just have to leave that for the imagination.

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Cowgirl said...

Ernie the Goat Whisperer! This is just hilarious. I have to tell you that I just love goats. I think they have the most interesting faces. Of course they would want to visit your 'buffet'! Your garden is way better than the sticks and stones they get over at their place....puleeezzz!

xo me