Saturday, July 3, 2010


Kootenay River and Mountains

It is that time of the year when I get away from
the drama of home-life and head north to one of my favorite spots in America and enjoy "the sweet life" with my "Canadian couzins".

These pictures say it ALL!
Beautiful country, wild and crazy friends, delicious gourmet meals with fresh baked bread. What more do I need to recharge my worn out batteries again.

I learned to kayak and so did the "pony girl". She also did a little swimming or maybe you would call it "dunking", since she tipped Gina into the icy water of the Slocan Lake.

New Denver was originally a mining town named after Denver,CO. It was converted to a Japanese internment camp during WWII, where about 1500 women, children, and elderly men were housed in small shacks. Many of these tiny homes still remain. One of the most famous inhabitants, was David Suzuki, best known for hosting the show, "The Nature of Things". Although, the conditions were deplorable, perhaps the views here inspired him in his quest for love of nature and preserving the environment. It certainly has captivated me!

The chamber of commerce brags: "When you come to visit you will be able to enjoy a holiday free of cell-phone hassles. No annoying ring tones, no one-sided conversations shouted from the next table, no bothersome calls from the office. Just enjoy your holiday and listen to the sounds of silence. Serenity in nature. . . non- motorized trails. . . no exhaust noise. . . just the sounds of nature. . . "

Well, not quite. The silence was interrupted by loads of levity, loony behavior, (dressing like a Doukhobor to stay warm), joking and lots of shared food and beverages with friends.

That was just my first weekend welcome to BC. Next, it was on to Nelson. "The Queen City" of the Kootenays, renowned for its culture, recreational activities and the stunning beauty surrounding it. An ideal location for filming many movies. Baker Street seems to be a hub of activity and gets shut down for about any excuse, whether it is a parade for the graduating seniors,farmers market, the car collectors city cruise, or as I got to experience first-hand, The Market Fest. Bands played on both ends of the street, and vendors set out their goods. What a blast!

The best part of the trip, though, was spending time with a close friend who can sing me "the song of my heart" when I have forgotten it! Which is so easy to do with all the turmoil that everyday living seems to hand out to me.
Ms.G did run a tight "spa" program of long walks and uphill climbs, healthy eating and remindi
ng me of the error of my many ways. . . ("Put down the toilet seat!" Take off your shoes!" "Step it up!" "Back straight!" "Chin up!" "Use your cloth napkin for your spew!") The "strenuous" workouts, were mixed with "the porch party", girls night out, watching reruns of curb,knitting club, enjoying the view, contemplating on the meaning of life. . .

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget."

I am so thankful to my friends up North for reminding me to enjoy the sweet life!



Cowgirl said...

Good Day, my sweet friend. This is such a lovely, thoughtful post and your pictures are really, really fab-oo-lus.

We had as good a time as you did...maybe even better.

Miss you very much and cannot wait until your next visit.

'la dolce vita' indeed. xoxo

Cowgirl said...

Although, I love this post and the tribute to 'moi' is time for another entry. Let's 'step it up' girly.

xo g