Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was sitting at my mother's house in So Oregon, just watching the sunset, when a thunderstorm broke out. What a sound and light show as the sky snap, crackled and popped! Just spectacular. My mom grew a bit nervous and was trying to drag me inside, but I being of sound mind stood my ground. After all, I wasn't on a golf course. Growing up in the Midwest, I remember as a child, shaking with fear of thunderstorms. I would even have to go crawl in bed with my parents when I couldn't calm the terror. Now I sit in amazement and admiration of the storm. One of my big fears has been transformed into something of beauty to be enjoyed.

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Cowgirl said...

Some pretty, pretty, pretty nice photos there young lady. Stop holding out on us -- keep posting -- love the read.

xo gina